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Research and Development

We support clients with detailed and applied research which offers in-depth insights into their operations, enhances their knowledge base and aids their strategic decision-making. Our team consists of professionals well-versed and passionate about research and the use of cutting-edge technologies to offer insights into business processes.


Our Research Areas

  • Specialized research: Our diverse research professionals carry out research in their areas of expertise, including science and engineering, business and management, health and social care, etc.
  • Energy research: We support the energy industry through research and development to develop new services or products, and improve existing ones. Our research professionals collect field data or conduct laboratory experiments, develop mathematical models, perform numerical simulations, and  develop machine learning models to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions.
  • Project impact studies: To attribute project outcomes and impacts in any project operation
  • Brand research: To use customer insights and competitions to identify the overall health, threats and opportunities of a brand.
  • Pricing research: To measure the acceptability towards pricing and set up baseline prices for new products and services.
  • Product surveys: To assess customer needs towards company devices and products to aid the improvements of existing products, the development of new ones, development of marketing strategies, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys: To understand how companies’ products are viewed by their customers and to help companies measure their customers’ expectations.
  • Employees assessments: To find out the expectations of a company’s employees, assess their performance and design strategies to ensure workers are contented
  • Competitor intelligence: To gather and analyze relevant information from the market for strategic business decisions and seize opportunities in the market.

Artificial intelligence


A-Class Academic Consults Limited believes that the advancements and the pervasiveness of technology especially information technology are crucial to managing a business across the world. Technology has continuously transformed how organisations across various industries relate to themselves, how work is done and the future of various firms.

With this in mind, we are interested in providing sustainable solutions to the various challenges firms encounter in integrating technology into their work process. A major example is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business operations which is not only expanding but several firms have started reaping the benefits AI applications are driving. .

At  A-Class Academic Consults Limited, we apply Artificial Intelligence as a standalone technology for specialised use cases or embed it within business software systems to handle crucial business operations. Our team of experts are constantly working to develop AI-enabled tools and applications that solve business challenges and ensure that they are properly implemented.


Infrastructure and cloud adoption

Providing infrastructure for cloud adoption implies updating the application hosting, network, and end-user environments of many organisations to boost dexterity, and productivity while maximizing efficiency to reduce risk. In the modern world, business executives face challenges in their business infrastructure in terms of innovation, business needs and efficiency. At A-Class Academic Consults Limited, one of our core focuses is helping our clients transform their  IT Infrastructure through hosting modernization such as hybrid cloud and data centre co-location. We also provide talent and capability development, automation and process streamlining, and next-generation sourcing.


Benchmark and uncover new opportunities

Our tools are designed with a multidimensional approach to our clients infrastructure capacity to aid the identification of business opportunities in terms of quality, productivity, efficiency, cost, etc. We further help our clients prioritize and implement these opportunities based on client strategy and interdependence with other initiatives.

Increase IT resiliency

Accelerated changes in business operations often trigger negative aftereffects. These negative effects may include reduced IT resiliency and outages which may result in lost revenue, increased overhead costs, poor customer experience, and a decrease in change velocity. Our procedure is tailored to help clients improve their IT resiliency, boost their entire infrastructure environment to support agile technique adoption and increase their change velocity..

Optimize cost

Organisations across the world are under more pressure than ever to control their operating costs. We offer our client organisations innovative products and services to enable them to optimize costs. Our zero-based approach prioritises our clients business model, sets benchmarks, designs solutions, identifies and cost reduction opportunities.


Adopt agile methods and automation

The business world is highly digitalized, with advanced technology that provides more features to clients. To make this possible, it is vital to streamline client organisations complete delivery lifecycle and increase agility. Adopting agile principles and automation to their infrastructure will enable the upgrade of their ticket-driven model which is traditional to one dominated automated API. We help them automate the majority of workflows

Increase IT resiliency

we aid our clients in receiving value for their business. This value simply implies that they experience increased agility, productivity and access to sophisticated services from cloud service providers. We unlock our clients cloud’s full potential by driving end-to-end cloud transformations. We also provide our client organisations with a business-backed view of future state hosting models, designate a platform and architecture, implement an operating model, build cloud and security capabilities, coach and train internal resources, and ensure they are capturing the full value of the transformation.


Cybersecurity manages the risk facing the infrastructure of organisations. It also influences the organization’s product capability,  effectiveness, and customer relationships. Unfortunately, several businesses cannot implement security measures in their product offerings while maintaining quality.  A-Class Academic Consults Limited leverages technology and practical experience to design and implement a comprehensive cyber strategy that reduces the risks to our client organisations. Furthermore, we partner with industry-leading cybersecurity technology providers to conduct proprietary assessments, in-depth training exercises, and organizational transformation efforts to identify and address critical cybersecurity issues. We are uniquely positioned to identify the right method geared towards achieving a common goal. The result is building an organization thoroughly prepared for the challenges of the modern world. Our cybersecurity services include;

Assess risks and IT resilience

Our cybersecurity experts use a holistic, risk-based approach to transform client organisations’ capabilities. We provide our clients with risk information used by business executives to prioritise threats and devise effective controls. Identifying and analyzing business threats helps our team to develop essential cyber programs fitted to organizational needs, determine how funds are allocated and inform board discussions on cyber risk strategy.

Enable Digital Transformation

Our apt understanding of the technology landscape helps our clients implement security strategies and establish digital resilience

Building long-term cyber capabilities

We work with client organisations to transform their culture and embed cyber capabilities into their entire business process. Our range of services includes redesigning operating models, helping them adapt to agile approaches, setting up client organisations attribute-driven assessments, and attracting and retaining the right talent

Establishing Crisis response and preparedness

A-Class Academic Consults Limited helps client organisations minimize the after-effects of cyberattacks. We achieve this by facilitating a faster and more coordinated response to threats, improving regulatory and public perception, and building the capabilities of senior executives. We analyze the preparedness of our clients organisations, engage leadership in crisis response training, and create a crisis playbook and “nerve centre” that establishes governance and responsibilities



The concept of Robotics in business is to use cutting-edge technology to automate repetitive business processes and tasks previously performed by humans. Integrating robotics in business improves business efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, reduces business costs and improves customer experience. At A-Class Academic Consults Limited, we provide robotics automation services to usher firms into the era of digital transformation and to transform the business operations of our client organisations. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services help organisations reduce errors, increase their organisational efficiency, and enhance overall productivity. We further aid our clients in reducing business costs through streamlining and providing our clients with valuable insights and analytics, which allows them to make data-driven decisions and improve their operations. Our Robotics automation processes offer our clients the following;

  • A benchmark to enhance efficiency and productivity

    Our team of experts enable businesses to significantly increase their efficiency and productivity in business operations. This is possible because repetitive business operations and time-consuming tasks are automated allowing employees to focus on more strategic and creative work. Our RPA services operate 24/7 enabling businesses to work round the clock without extra staff. The result is that our client organisations streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate services.

  • Cost reduction

    Implementing our process automation process means cost reduction. Our experts ensure that repetitive and time-consuming tasks are automated which in turn saves money on labor costs and increases efficiency. Our RPA process services are also integrated into the existing infrastructure of a business, this avoids the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades or software purchases

  • Enhanced accuracy and quality of work

    Our clients can count on us to improve the accuracy and quality of work. Our RPA service works around the clock, without breaks, and any errors. Our experts ensure that they are programmed to follow strict guidelines and protocols, ensuring that all tasks are completed accurately and consistently. The result is quality work bereft of errors leading to customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service is designed to revolutionize the way our client organisations interact with their customers. It is tailored to free up employees to focus on providing a better customer experience. Our RPA automates the process of responding to customer inquiries, allowing employees to spend more time addressing complex issues and providing personalized support. They are further used to analyze customer data and provide insights that can be used to improve products and services. The result is that our client organisations can enhance the customer experience and build stronger relationships with their customers.

Machine Learning

Modern organisations benefit heavily from machine learning, a set of software systems adept in the analysis of data to produce actionable insights based on the analysis to aid decision-making. At A-Class Academic Consults Limited, we aid our client organisations in implementing machine learning software systems to power the many services their customers encounter every day. Our machine-learning service implementation improves our client organisations in

The Following Ways

  • Efficiency. We improve organizational efficiency primarily through increased productivity or optimized processes.
  • Effectiveness. We improve the quality of work done.
  • Experience. We ensure that the Workers, customers and other stakeholders of our client organisations have an overall better interaction using machine learning.
  • Evolution of the business itself: We aid a business in designing new products, services and market opportunities.


We aid our clients apply machine learning in their business today in the following ways;


Chatbots help our client organisations revolutionize their customer service. It automates tasks that would otherwise be done by customer service agents. Chatbots handle tasks such as customer service inquiries, appointment setting etc.

Customer Management

Integrating our customer management systems helps our clients take charge of their sales and marketing processes.

Dynamic pricing

Our Machine learning service implementation helps our client firms to adjust their product/ service prices in near-real-time based on changing market conditions.

Fraud detection

Machine Learning is integrated into our client organisations infrastructure to alert their clients of potentially fraudulent use of their credit and debit cards.


We provide client organisations with algorithms to analyze data and run simulations to determine optimal or near-optimal solutions.

Decision Support

Our machine learning initiatives aid organisations to make better decisions.

Monitoring and quality assurance

Our machine learning initiative further can understand and distinguish patterns in data at a scale, speed and level unmatched by humans. This enables the technology to be remarkably valuable for monitoring needs and quality assurance

Information extraction

A-Class Consults Limited builds information retrieval and information extraction systems for clients using ML technologies such as NLP, optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition. This extraction system can identify key pieces of structured data from documents automatically even if the information is held in unstructured or semistructured formats.


Market research is pivotal to marketing. It offers businesses an opportunity to effectively and efficiently promote their products, services, and brand benefits. However, it is not possible without gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business target audience, competitors, and industry landscape. Market research helps organisations find the perfect customer, plan marketing strategies and campaigns and monitor competitors. To thrive and achieve marketing goals in a competitive business environment, A-Class Academic Consults Limited offers our client organisations a competitive edge with our AI market research service which automates many aspects of the data collection process and effortlessly manages vast amounts of data.

Our team of experts use cutting-edge AI market research tools to analyze vast datasets which identify emerging trends and predict market shifts with a high degree of accuracy. An accurate prediction enables our clients to proactively adapt their marketing strategies, stay ahead of competitors, and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise. Furthermore, our research abilities uncover hidden patterns and correlations within data which aids in fine-tuning product development, targeting the right audience segments, and optimizing marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


A-Class Academic Consults

Limited AI research consists of the following;

  • Sentiment analysis

    A-Class Academic Consults Limited AI-powered sentiment analysis analyzes the emotions, opinions, and attitudes expressed in large volumes of text data, such as social media posts, customer reviews, and survey responses. Our experts use Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to categorize the sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral, thereby providing valuable insights into customer perceptions and preferences.

  • Predictive analytics

    Our predictive analytics uses AI algorithms that analyze historical data, identify patterns, and make predictions about future market trends and consumer behaviour. The results enable us to forecast demand, optimize pricing strategies, and make informed decisions about product development, marketing campaigns, and inventory management of our client organisations. 

  • Consumer segmentation

    Our team of experts utilize clustering algorithms to group customers into distinct segments based on similarities in their demographics, behaviours, and preferences. This further influences how our client organisations tailor their marketing strategies and messages to each segment, improving campaign effectiveness and enhancing customer targeting efforts

  • Social media listening

    Our AI-powered social media listening tools monitor and analyze conversations on various of our client organisations social media platforms in real time. They identify trending topics, monitor brand mentions, track sentiment, and provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, behaviours, and emerging market trends.

  • Customer journey analysis

    A-Class Academic Consults Limited AI algorithms can analyze multiple touchpoints and interactions throughout the customer journey to identify critical moments, pain points, and areas of opportunity. By understanding the customer journey in detail, market researchers can optimize marketing strategies, improve customer experiences, and drive customer loyalty

  • Demand forecasting

    Our AI-based demand forecasting system combines historical sales data, market trends, external factors etc to predict future demand for products or services. This forecasting helps our client organisations to optimize their inventory levels, production planning, resource allocation, and reducing costs as well as boost customer experience, by reducing delivery times and ensuring there is always stock for popular items.


Embedded Systems have become a core driver of technological transformation that is valuable to businesses across various industries. A-Class Academic Consults Limited harnesses the potential of embedded systems to aid its clients in unlocking new possibilities, optimising their operations, delivering innovative products, and gaining a competitive advantage in the market. Our services are designed to help our client organisations increase business efficiency and effectiveness,  Enhance their product functionality, increase productivity, save costs etc. Helping our clients integrate embedded systems into their infrastructure paves the way for their achievement of business success in the rapidly changing technological landscape.  Our embedded system service helps our clients in the following ways. 

Improve product functionality:

Our embedded system integration allows our clients to add advanced features and functionalities to their products, making them more competitive and appealing to customers. Integrating embedded system into our clients business infrastructures differentiates them in the market and gives them an opportunity to offer unique value to their customers.

Increased efficiency and productivity:

A core value our embedded systems integration offers our client is their ability to automate and streamline processes. This integration enhances business efficiency, reduces manual labour, minimise errors, and optimise resource utilisation leading to increased productivity and cost savings.

Cost Savings

Our embedded systems integration helps our client organisations save costs in multiple ways. An embedded system implies integrating several functions into one component thereby eliminating the need for several systems

Scalability and Flexibility:

Our embedded systems integration is designed to scale and accommodate future enhancements or updates. Our team of experts work round the clock to provide our client organisations infrastructure with the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements, add new features, or expand product lines without significant redesign efforts.


A-Class Academic Consults Limited offers in-house personnel/human development training and workshops to employees of client organisations to ensure their improved efficiency and effectiveness. Our training process involves four processes

Training Needs Analysis

To analyse the current competencies of employees, the objectives of the organisations, the skills needed to meet these goals, the current competencies of employees and the needed skills to close the gap.

Skills Assessments

To assess employees competencies and to know what skills need to be improved.


Provide sound detailed training for employees either online or through seminars and workshops.

Post-Training experience

To ensure training is implemented in the workplace.

Our training services cover three thematic areas:

  • Organizational Efficiency Programs:

    These courses are to facilitate organizational efficiency and improve business outcomes. These include courses such as team building, fundraising strategies, management skills, business planning etc.

  • Personal Development:

    Courses in this area serve to improve the overall quality and performance of an employee. These courses include effective writing skills, communication and public speaking, leadership skills, conflict management and resolution etc

  • Project-Based Training:

    This area covers courses that improve the overall quality of an organisation’s project management and implementation. The courses include project management lifecycle, project impacts assessment, needs assessment, proposal writing, report writing etc. 


A-Class Academic Consults Limited aids organisations in the private and public sectors to improve their operations, maximize efficiency and achieve business success by matching them with suitable staff on a permanent or temporary basis. Apart from understanding the staff requirements of companies, providing companies with new staff and designing appropriate recruitment strategies, we interact with job applicants from diverse backgrounds to understand their core competencies and match them to better jobs. Our recruitment experts also offer companies and job seekers advice on how to improve their recruitment process and career prospects.


  • We utilize our networks, sales and marketing strategies to find companies and persuade them to externalize their recruiting process

  • We conduct ample research on our clients and the positions they seek to be filled to better understand what they do, their corporate culture, standards for new employees and other relevant information.

  • We further establish positive working relationships with our clients and advertise client companies vacancies on social media or online.

  • We research job seekers databases, review resumes and cover letters, conduct tests and interviews, shortlist job candidates, and negotiate salaries and remuneration, training, and career development as instructed by client companies.

  • We Continuously review and improve client companies recruitment policies to ensure a higher rate of proposed candidates that get hired by client companies



We use diverse tools, strategies, skills, knowledge, and experience to meet a project’s needs and achieve its desired outcome. Our project management is divided into three processes;


we gather adequate data on organisations, their competitors and the industry at large and integrate them with the project objectives to achieve project success.


our experts spend time actively brainstorming to develop sustainable ideas that will make the project process seamless.


The strategies are executed in line with the project objectives and the brand identity.


A-Class Academic Consults Limited is ever present to help private and public sector organisations with top-notch marketing strategies guaranteed to improve brand visibility and increase product sales. We achieve this by simply integrating the insights obtained through applied research and developing an effective strategy. Our experts are well-versed in relevant marketing tools from web marketing, traditional marketing and digital marketing to understand how best to reach a target market for our clients. The result is telling our client’s stories in a captivating style so that they communicate with their audience about their product or service.

  • Marketing strategy:

    Our team of marketing experts are well-versed in developing apt marketing strategies for clients tailored to promote their brand to their target audience.  Our process for developing a fitted marketing strategy involves research, goal-setting, and positioning. We also define the brand objectives, target audience personas, marketing channels, and key performance indicators of our clients

  • Marketing plans and objectives:

    Following the developed marketing strategy, our marketing experts design suitable marketing that details the annual marketing efforts of our clients and develops appropriate goals and objectives to track the process.

  • Pricing:

    At the core, our expertise is helping our clients fix value to the services and goods they offer. Our team ensures that the pricing strategy reflects on client’s average prices, the buyer’s perceived value and the perceived value of competitors products.

  • Branding:

    A-Class Academic Consults Limited derives fulfilment helping businesses create a distinct identity tailored to fit their target audience and the general population. Our branding process consists of helping brands choose their name and logo, design their visual identity, and craft their mission, values, and determine their tone of voice

  • Sales:

    At A-Class Academic Consults Limited we believe that businesses cant achieve success without sales or marketing. Sales and marketing are fundamental parts that drive business growth and revenue. Thats why our team of sales experts are equipped to close deals and generate revenue for our clients through direct interaction with their customers.


For over four years, organisations in the private and public sectors across Nigeria have relied heavily on A-Class Academic Consults Limited research services, business consulting and personnel/human development training to boost their performance index. Our Clients cut across several industries such as engineering firms, oil and gas companies, real estate, construction companies, health and social care organisations, retail, research agencies, government and non-governmental organisations etc



For over four years, organisations in the private and public sectors across Nigeria have relied heavily on A-Class Academic Consults Limited research services, business consulting and personnel/human development training to boost their performance index. Our Clients cut across several industries such as engineering firms, oil and gas companies, real estate, construction companies, health and social care organisations, retail, research agencies, government and non-governmental organisations etc. 

Entry and Contracting

This highlights our initial contact with a client through a meeting, an email or a phone call. Here, we set up a first meeting to explore what the challenges are and the client’s expectations.

Applied Research/Data Collection 

We understand the importance of data-driven insights on businesses, therefore, we ensure that we accurately define the problem and use appropriate data collection and analysis techniques to make sense of the challenges


Contact our client to report findings from the data collection phase. This feedback is reduced in a simpler way that is easily managed, understood and acted upon


We implement our solutions in the best possible manner. Our experts are specifically trained to successfully deliver on any project as well as human development training and workshops.


A-Class Academic Consults Limited is a consultancy, research and personnel training company that integrates cutting-edge technology to deliver practical solutions to the challenges of organizations in the private and public sectors. Founded and registered in Nigeria and with working experiences supporting clients all over the world

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